s and mor▓e and larger vessels. Furthermore, the Philippines made deliberate provocation▓s by frequently sending its military vessels and aircraft to intrude into Wufang Jiao, Xian’e Jiao, Xinyi Jiao, Banyue Jiao a

nd Ren’ai Jiao of China’s Nansha Qundao, and destroyed survey markers set up by China.94. Still worse, on 9 May

ansha Qundao93
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1999, the Philippines sent BRP Sierra Madre (LT-57), a military vessel, to intrude into China’s Ren’ai Jiao and illegally ran it aground on the pretext of “technical difficulties”. China imm▓edia

tely made solemn representations to the Philippines, demanding the immediate removal of that vessel. But the Philippines claim

. In China&rsquo
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ed that the vessel could not be towe▓d away for “lack of parts”.95. Over this matter, China has repe▓atedly made representations to the Philippines and renewed the same demand. For instance, in November 1999,

the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines met with▓ Secretary of Foreign Affairs Domingo Siazon and Chief of the Presidential

;s Nansha Qundao

Management Staff Leonora de Jesus to make another round of representations. Many ▓times the Philippines promised to tow away the vessel, but it has taken n

n which "t

r people's l

o action.96. In September 2003, upon the news that the Philippines was prep▓aring to bu

ild facilities around that military vesse▓l illegally run aground at Ren’ai Jia

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y barracks, docks and other fa▓cilities built and renovated, so as to accommodate heavy transport planes, fighter jet